Liv Morgan started off 2023 with a bang, as she gave a terrific performance at the Royal Rumble. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion was about to win the Royal Rumble, if not for Asuka’s green mist. Morgan’s SmackDown Women’s Championship run last year was a decent one, and she defended the title against Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, but things weren’t always going so well for her.

Near the end of Liv Morgan’s title run, her rivalry with Ronda Rousey was lackluster, with fans simply wanting it to be over. Since her 2014 debut, Liv Morgan has developed and improved herself as a WWE superstar.

Liv Morgan certainly has proved herself that she has the potential to main event someday. Even though she has established herself as one of the prominent faces today, there was a time when she was low on confidence and thought that she would be fired from the company.

During a recent chat with Ryan Satin on the Out of Character Podcast, Liv Morgan stated that she regrets not being confident six years ago. Morgan said that she feared getting released from the company during her time at the NXT.


“I remember there being points in NXT where I was like, ‘I’m getting fired. I am gonna lose my job tomorrow’ and really believing that and crying myself to sleep because I thought when I showed up to work the next day, I was gonna be fired and so I feel like in that moment in time — this was so long ago. This is like six years ago — I had so many regrets, even though nothing had happened yet but I was like, I wish I’d worked harder, I wish I utilized this more, I wish I wasn’t scared,”

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion has overcome her fears today. Currently, Liv Morgan seems to be eyeing on the Women’s Tag Team Division and cold aim at carrying the women’s tag team championships.

Liv Morgan has been teaming up with Tegan Nox as of late. This past week on Friday Night SmackDown, she also teamed up with Rachel Rodriguez to defeat the team of Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green. Only time will tell what 2023 will look like for Liv Morgan, but we will have all the coverage here at Ringside News.

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