Jake Roberts is a veteran in the pro wrestling business, and he’s seen a lot of people come and go. That being said, the WWE Hall of Famer believes that fans today won’t remember a majority of the wrestlers they see in the ring today as the years go by.

It’s no secret that Jake Roberts has a very bold opinion. His words made him just as famous as the stories he told in the ring. Even today, The Snake knows how to get under the skin of just about everyone around him, and he also makes a great point in the process.

During an appearance on the Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg podcast, Jake “The Snake” Roberts said that fans today won’t remember the wrestlers currently doing their thing in a decade. He had a lot of reasons, possibly buried by frustration, to support his point.

“They don’t listen to me at all. Their idea is like, ‘I got a fat f*cking contract and we’ll ride this.’ I get it. 10 years from now, half those guys — you won’t even remember their names. I say 85% of ’em — you won’t even remember their names because they’re flash in the pans and they don’t have any character.”


“Jake ‘The Snake’ has not been in the ring since 1997, 2000? That’s 20-something years, and I’m so friggin’ busy now, man, I’m barely keeping my head above the water. I’m being buried with people wanting me to do things. I don’t see these young kids doing signings, and you know why? Because nobody knows who the f*ck they are. They go, ‘oh wait, I’ve seen him on TV.’ And then they see how little they are. Holy shit, they’re really blown away then.”

Jake Roberts is okay to appear on AEW television once again after a stint of health issues. Hopefully, he will be able to make an impression on today’s wrestlers, so they will be able to make a larger impact in the entire pro wrestling business.

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