Liv Morgan is no stranger to the WWE Universe. As one of the company’s most recognizable faces, she has been a part of the wrestling world for several years. It’s no secret that Morgan shares a special bond with Sarah Logan since their days in the NXT women’s division.

The latest development in WWE witnessed Sarah Logan embrace her own alter-ego “Valhalla” and battle Liv Morgan in a singles match. Following the bout, Liv Morgan praised her close friend Sarah Logan and her new character.

During a podcast episode of OUT of character with Ryan Satin, Liv Morgan expressed her excitement for Sarah Logan’s new Valhalla character.

”She’s hella different now. Everything is different. I mean, presentation, just everything. The baby — everything is different, but it’s very cool.’‘


Liv Morgan also spoke in detail about Logan’s son Cash Rowe, whom she meets when they do their wrestling training together. She mentioned spending playful time with Cash and said that he is “cute.”

”It’s awesome, and it’s so her. It’s just so much knowledge about everything like Viking and mystical. Don’t even know the right word. It’s not woodsy. She has so much knowledge and it’s just cool to see her do something so different. It’s so cool to see her just dive into something that is so different and thrive in it. She looks great, and it’s cool to see Cash (Logan’s son) every week [too].” 

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan made their respective WWE debuts in 2015. Both Superstars began their journeys in the NXT developmental territory.

Despite being close friends, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan have had their ups and downs in the ring. However, it appears that Morgan is supportive of Sarah Logan’s new character as she continues to develop as a performer.

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Saptarshi Sinha

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