There are a lot of things that could make someone hold a grudge against a former co-worker. It seems that Booker T is ready to bury the hatchet with Batista.

While speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T opened up a bit about his heat with Batista. He said that neither of them addressed this with the media, but there is no beef there. At this point in his life, Booker T realizes that it is just something that happened in his life.

“If I saw Bautista today, I would give him a hug and tell him how great he’s doing in Hollywood. He’s knocking it out. He’s freakin’ killing it.

Booker T went on to say that there was a lot of testosterone going on back then. That is the nature of the pro wrestling business. That being said, there is no ill-will between the two of them.


“It was an incident that happened between two men, and if you’re a man, you know something about that. If you’re a man who’s got testosterone running through your body and you’re in a testosterone-driven business, you might get in a fight with somebody. That doesn’t mean you hate them. Don’t mean you don’t like them. It was an incident that happened.”

Booker T and Batista are both doing their own thing now. Of course, Batista is tearing it up in Hollywood, and Booker T is still doing his thing in WWE as part of the NXT commentary team.

It’s unclear if Booker T or Batista will cross paths once again. Perhaps a bro hug is due for the two at a future WWE Hall of Fame photo-op. Until that day comes, keep checking back here with Ringside News for more.

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Felix Upton

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