Baron Corbin has been a dominant force in WWE for the past 10 years, consistently seizing every opportunity that has come his way. Throughout his tenure, he has undergone numerous transformations, adapting and evolving his character to stay relevant in the industry. Today, he remains a prominent figure in WWE, leaving a lasting impact on the company and its fans. That being said, some fans want WWE to release him and Corbin is simply sick of those fans.

Baron Corbin’s character continued to evolve and he underwent a transformation into “Happy Corbin.” This iteration of the character quickly became one of the most despised heels in WWE, drawing intense reactions from fans. After a brief hiatus from WWE television, Corbin returned to the ring, this time as Baron Corbin and joined forces with WWE veteran, JBL.

However, JBL parted ways with Baron Corbin on RAW, and the WWE Hall of Famer is unlikely to return on WWE television for while. In fact, Triple H has basically given up on Corbin’s angle.

In a now-deleted tweet, a fan took to Twitter and stated that WWE should release Baron Corbin, adding that WWE won’t even have to worry about another company signing him.


“If there is one person @WWE could cut right now, wave the 90 day non compete clause, & have zero worry about ANY company signing him it would be @BaronCorbinWWE! The only time I was happy to see him was when @PatMcAfeeShow made fun of him calling him #BumAssCorbin! That was gold!”

Baron Corbin saw the fan’s tweet and was clearly irate, making it clear that he felt sick after looking at the tweet. Corbin made it clear he didn’t understand what was wrong with such people.

“Seriously some people just make me sick. I will never understand what’s wrong with you.”

Many fans felt Baron Corbin’s best character was his ‘bum’ gimmick from 2021. In fact, even Corbin thought WWE was going to turn him babyface with that gimmick. We’ll have to wait and see what will become of Baron Corbin in the end.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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