Pat McAfee’s resurgence back to WWE at last week’s Royal Rumble event was a treat for the audience in attendance at the Alamodome. The dynamic former WWE commentator joined the booth alongside Corey Graves and his former broadcast partner Michael Cole, who had no idea about McAfee’s return along with everybody else. However, it appears that one top star found about Pat returning that night.

Becky Lynch found out about Pat McAfee’s return on the day of the Royal Rumble event. Lynch’s husband, Seth Rollins, made the revelation during his recent appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Seth Rollins revealed Becky Lynch actually saw Pat McAfee arrive at the arena as he attempted to enter the WWE gimmick bus. He tried to make his way through several buses and that’s when he came in sight of The Man.

The Drip God further stated that his wife was shocked by the former NFL punter in the arena that night. However, it quickly registered in Becky Lynch’s mind that Pat McAfee’s return was kept a secret. Moreover, Lynch also kept it a secret from everyone else, including Seth Rollins himself.

“You ran into the right person because she will keep a secret. She didn’t even tell me, didn’t even know.”

Pat McAfee revealed that his interaction with Becky Lynch happened about “94 seconds” before he came in sight of everyone else. McAfee was welcomed to an ovation by the crowd in attendance for the Royal Rumble.

The former SmackDown commentator is yet to make another appearance since the Royal Rumble. However, that seems unlikely at the moment due to Pat McAfee’s full-time deal with ESPN as an analyst for College Game Day.

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