Mandy Rose enjoyed a great run in WWE NXT as the NXT Women’s Champion. Rose’s reign lasted 413 days before she dropped the title to Roxanne Perez at New Year’s Evil. Following the loss, Rose was abruptly released from the company due to running an adult Fan Time subscription.

Mandy Rose wasn’t scheduled for a title match until NXT Vengeance Day. However, on December 13th, 2022, she was called up at NXT and informed about dropping the title that night to Perez by Shawn Michaels himself.

The former NXT Women’s Champion recently appeared on The Sessions With Renee Paquette where she talked about the transition from NXT superstar to self-made millionaire. She also discussed how she always expected her premium content to leak.

Aware of the social media climate, Mandy Rose stated how she only put out content she felt comfortable being out there. She spoke about how leaks were bound to happen, and she would look like the fool for getting mad about them.


So it didn’t seem like I was out of my comfort zone I felt like comfortable I wouldn’t you know I wouldn’t do something that I would feel uncomfortable I feel like it would show too like you know I just I wouldn’t be OK with it and nowadays with social media like I say it and yeah was I taking a little bit of a risk people might say yeah I was because of course with screenshotting and everything else like your stuff’s gonna get out eventually right so I can’t put something out later and be so mad that it leaked or something because it’s bound to happen and I would look like an idiot right

While Mandy Rose is content with her life right now, she can’t help but feel weird by all the free time she received after her release from the WWE. Rose hasn’t completely ruled out wrestling from her life as she stated that she would totally go for run with AEW if presented the opportunity.

This is far from the end of Mandy Rose’s story. We will have to see what happens for her in 2023, and beyond, because her team is working hard for her. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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