WWE 2K developers made the gaming world explode with the recent announcement of launching their next installment, titled WWE 2K 23. Not only this is looking to be a highly exceptional addition to the video game series, but John Cena being on the cover star had already pumped the fans to be excited about the game launch this year. Moreover, developers also elaborated on the new improvements to the WWE Universe mode recently.

The WWE Universe Mode is the wrestling game’s season mode and is equivalent to season gameplay found in other sports games. The mode allows players to create shows, and superstars, battle through legends and stars and win championships and accolades.

Over the last few years, the Universe mode has undergone a lot of changes. It has allowed gamers to assume more control and mold the version of the gameplay as per their vision for the WWE Universe.

WWE 2K23 will see new change in the game mode. The players will now have full control over the cutscenes and even book them before matches take place to have complete access to the direction of the ongoing storyline.


WWE 2K23’s Creative Director Lynell Jinks and Associate Gameplay Producer Bryan Williams revealed the details. They further elaborated on the cut scene control during recent interview with Screen Rant.

“With Universe, there’s some huge improvements that we made there to help tell the story and give users even more control than they’ve already had, which is crazy to think about,” said Jinks. “You can have actions that you want certain superstars to perform before a match, like, ‘Okay, I want Bobby Lashley to shake hands with MVP before the match, but at the last second, I want him to just punch him.’ Like, those are actions that you can actually assign to that match and watch those cutscenes play out and see how that kind of dictates your rivalry.

The developers concluded by saying the amount of control on cut scenes in the Universe mode that WWE 2K gamers will have in this installment will be ‘insane.’

“Lynell mentioned it earlier when he was talking about Universe, but I was playing with it, I was playing the game over the past weekend, and I even reached out to our Universe designer. Him and those guys have done a tremendous job on Universe this year. The ability – because cutscenes have always been prevalent in the Universe and telling those stories within that mode,” said Williams. “This year, having the ability to be that ultimate puppet master where, like Lynell described, being able to scroll through a list of available actions that you want your Superstar to do, whether it’s to be respectful at the start of the match or disrespectful at the end.

The level of control that the players will have in Universe this year is something that I don’t think they are expecting,” he adds. “I mean, Universe already is about control and being able to manipulate everything, but this new layer of being able to actually now set and direct certain actions and events to happen. I think for me, it’s a game changer for the mode, and I’m excited for the fans of this mode to get their hands on it because I think that one of those content creators who like to stream the game, they are going to have a field day with this, I think. The fact that it all works as beautifully as it does, I think that is something that is really going to surprise a lot of people, and I’m really excited about that.”

The video game would include the WarGames Match for the first time in video game history. Furthermore, WWE 2K23 will be available to the general public on Friday, March 17th. With the buzz surrounding the launch of the game alongside new and improved features, it can surely be one of the most successful installments in 2K history.

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