Vince McMahon is undoubtedly the genius behind the global juggernaut known as the WWE. Ever since he took over the promotion from his father, he has been on a quest of world domination. Today, the company is a billion-dollar company, and Vince didn’t achieve that status by being a nice guy. Mr. McMahon was known to be a ruthless businessman by many.

It’s clear that he had his favorite. There were wrestlers that Vince took care of and there were ones that were constantly on the chopping block.

There was one wrestler in particular whom Vince McMahon and the WWE did not help Kamala during his difficult times. Despite his popularity and success in the ring, Kamala struggled with financial difficulties and health problems, including diabetes and the amputation of both legs. Despite his contributions to the industry, it is widely believed that Vince McMahon and WWE did not provide significant support for Kamala during this time.

According to reports, Kamala received little financial compensation for his years of service to the wrestling industry, and he struggled to make ends meet. Despite his contributions to the sport and his status as a legendary performer, he did not receive a pension or other benefits from WWE, leaving him with limited financial security in his later years.


On the other hand, Vince McMahon helped Scott Hall by providing Hall with support and resources to overcome personal challenges, such as substance abuse issues, during his time with the company.

This act from the Chairman seemed to rub Jake Roberts the wrong way, who spoke about it during a recent episode of his podcast The Snake Pit.

“It’s not there. You can’t have a relationship with Vince McMahon. He’s not gonna let you get that close to him. I think he respects me and I respect him. Vince did a great thing for wrestling, but he could have done it a whole lot better if he would have just been more fair, if he would have paid the guys better, if he would have taken care of the guys after they got busted up. That’s my bitch. You’re a big billionaire and you got guys rotting and dying needing help. The worst was probably Kamala who desperately needed help. He made Vince a lot of fu**ing money. He was a big draw. I do know that Vince helped Scott Hall, but he didn’t help Kamala and that just rubs me the wrong way.”

Overall, Kamala’s personal issues and the lack of support from Vince McMahon and WWE highlight the challenges that many professional wrestlers face in their careers and the need for better support and resources for the athletes who contribute so much to the sport. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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