Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions is one of the most popular shows on the WWE Network. Several renowned personalities, like Charles Wright aka The Godfather, have been featured as guests on the show. On the May 30th, 2021, episode of Broken Skull Sessions, the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductee discussed his illustrious career. The interesting thing is that modern-day WWE had a brief thought that Godfather’s Attitude Era pimp character was too hot for programming now.

Steve Austin initially wanted his old coworker to be on the show, but the idea was allegedly dismissed. In a 2021 interview on the Such Good Shoot podcast, Wright revealed that WWE thought he was too controversial to appear on the series. The fact that Godfather is all about the 4:20 was also a concern.

I’m like, ‘You know what, dude, what are we gonna talk about?’ I’m like, ‘You know me, so are we gonna be able to talk about smoking and cannabis?’ He goes, ‘Oh yeah.’ I’m like, ‘Can I smoke on the show?’ He says, ‘No, we can’t get away with that. We can talk about it.’ He tried to get me on the show a long time ago, but they thought I was a little bit too controversial.

The Godfather also discussed how his friend The Undertaker upset Vince McMahon by getting tattoos during his appearance on the show. The Godfather claimed that The Undertaker was “too big and white” to be without tattoos. Without consulting Vince McMahon, he convinced his friend to get his first tattoo during a vacation to Las Vegas.


Charles Wright portrayed a babyface pimp persona during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Following complaints from the Parent Television Council (PTC) in the United States, the gimmick was temporarily stopped. WWE’s creative mastermind at the time Vince McMahon rebranded Wright as The Godfather.

The former Intercontinental Champion was subsequently introduced to Right to Censor (RTC), a heel faction that mocked the PTC. Wright’s lifestyle outside of wrestling may have also played a role in the decision to not allow him to feature on Broken Skull Sessions.

There are several stories regarding the Hall of Famer’s marijuana affinity, like the time he smoked in The Undertaker’s casket backstage. Let’s see what else The Godfather has in store for his admirers. Keep an eye on Ringside News for the latest updates.

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