When “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Bret Hart squared off at WrestleMania 13, their match-up gave birth to a moment that went down as one of the most memorable moments in WWE history. While trapped by Bret’s signature Sharpshooter, Austin passed out with his face covered in blood during a double turn that is recognized as a pivotal moment in Austin’s rise to fame. Naturally, that image is a famous one that many mightlike to recreate.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin went on to become an integral part of the attitude era and eventually a WWE legend. It is no doubt that he is an inspiration to the current generation of WWE Superstars. In fact, a SmackDown Superstar even tried to recreate one of his iconic moments.

The Miracle on 34th Street Fight on last year’s SmackDown’s Christmas episode saw Ricochet team up with Braun Strowman to face off against Imperium. In the middle of the match, Ricochet suffered cut on his head that required six stitches to fix up. 

Ricochet recently discussed the match to Alistair McGeorge of the Metro. The One And Only also revealed that he was trying to imitate Austin’s WrestleMania 13 moment, but he failed due to concern of medical staff tending to his injuries.


“Honestly, because it was bleeding a lot, obviously the doctors are gonna come out and check on you. I was trying to actually [copy] Stone Cold, WrestleMania 13, [nodding vigorously] put it over my head, you know what I mean? They were like, ‘No, we can’t do that.’ Obviously, because they’re the doctors, they’re like, ‘We gotta make sure you’re ok, what are you doing?’ I’m like, ‘Stop wiping the blood,’ and they’re like, ‘No, we can’t, what are you doing?!’ I’m going on 20 years now, which is pretty crazy. I think after doing it so long, I think you can judge the severity of a situation. Honestly, I think it looked worse than it was because of the blood and everything.”

After defeating Top Dolla on the January 6th episode of SmackDown, Ricochet earned his spot in the esteemed 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match. Although Ricochet wasn’t able to recreate Austin’s WrestleMania moment, perhaps he can shoot his shot at recreating Austin’s Royal Rumble 2001 moment.

We’ll have to see what’s next for Ricochet. Obviously, he has a much better chance at getting those big moments under Triple H’s leadership. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

What’s your take on Ricochet’s attempt at Austin’s WrestleMania moment? Sound off in the comments below!

Talha Asad Iqbal

Talha Asad Iqbal is an mechanical engineer who just loves everything wrestling. From spending his childhood collecting wrestling action figures to spending his adulthood writing about wrestling, he really seems to enjoy wrestling a bit too much. Outside wrestling and his work, he loves spending time in the gym and playing video games.

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