There has been a lot of drama surrounding the whole Vince McMahon story and it doesn’t seem to stop. It all started a couple of months ago when Vince was caught up in serious sexual harassment allegations. These allegations resulted in the Chairman of the company retiring from the company. At that time, a lot of people speculated that Vince would return to the company someday and they were right. A couple of weeks ago, Vince successfully strong-armed his way back into the company.

Since his return, there has been a lot of rumors and speculations doing the rounds. To add to the drama, WWE’s co-CEO at the time, Stephanie McMahon handed in her resignation.

Amid all the rumors and certainty, one question was looming on everyone’s mind – who will run the creative side of the business? While Triple addressed this in a recent talent meeting, there have still been some concerns regarding the jobs of some of the people that Triple H rehired following Vince’s departure.

One person from that rehired class of Superstars, Karrion Kross did a recent interview with San Antonio Express-News. During the interview, the former NXT Champion expressed his feeling towards Vince McMahon’s return.


He noted that no one is currently afraid of losing their jobs and they are all ready to adapt if needed. He further stated that they are all trying to stay ‘optimistic’ about the situation.

“It’s in my news feeds, it’s everywhere. It’s inescapable at this point. But the people that I have spoken to about it, like my personal friends in the business, no one’s really concerned or afraid for their job. All of us are ready to adapt…. I think everyone’s just taking it day by day to see where everything lands, and we’re all trying to remain optimistic.”

As of writing this article, Vince McMahon hasn’t been involved in the creative aspect of the business and has been focused on the company’s potential sale. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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Sunil Joseph

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