Ever since his NXT debut as one-half of MSK, Wes Lee’s star has been on a meteoric rise. Within a few weeks after debuting on NXT television, Wes Lee and his tag team partner Nash Carter won the NXT Tag Team Championships.

The duo would go on to be one of the most popular tag teams in the company. They were known for their unique offense and high-risk moves that won them a lot of fans.

Within a few months, MSK was on top of the world. However, it all came crashing down when Nash Carter was released from his WWE contract for controversial reasons. This left Wes Lee all by himself in the company.

Wes Lee soon found himself swimming in deep waters, but he somehow managed to pull himself up and try his hand at being a singles wrestler. Months later, the former tag team champion was crowned the NXT North American Champion, which was also his first big singles title win.


Given his amazing skills, fans have been wondering why WWE didn’t sign him sooner. Wes recently appeared on the Mark Moses Show where he revealed that he had the chance to join WWE five years ago but nothing came of it due to poor communication.

“There was a situation about five years ago where the opportunity was presented to us a little earlier on, but communication didn’t quite happen. I was bouncing around the world at the time, so it was rather difficult to get in contact with me. In the time period they wanted to reach out to me, I was busy at the time and unable to reach back out with them. Once the perfect moment happened and we were able to discuss things and formulate a plan on how we were going to move forward with everything, you know that feeling of right before a storm is about to hit and there is that weird calm?

You can feel the temperature change, you feel rain is about to come, you feel in your bones that something is about to happen, that’s what I felt, but there were never any rain clouds, never a storm, just a calm over my presence in this lifetime. ‘Okay, you’re where you need to be now. You’re going to be doing what you’re supposed to do. Follow through with everything you have and your life will be the way you want it to be.’ Having that phone call really let me know that I was on the proper path.”

Wes Lee is the current NXT North American Champion and will defend the title against Dijak at NXT Vengeance Day in his toughest challenge yet. It will be interesting to see if Lee will be able to retain against Dijak. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage of NXT Vengeance Day.

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