Jay Briscoe passed away at 38-years-old after suffering a terrible automobile accident. The entire pro wrestling world is in a state of shock and sadness now, and those who knew him are especially heartbroken. This includes those who wish they would have reached out to Briscoe more often.

Click here for sampling of the outpouring of tributes after Jay Briscoe’s passing.

Tommy Dreamer knew Jay Briscoe well. The Innovator of Violence sent out a tweet to let everyone know how amazing of a person Jay Briscoe was. Dreamer also revealed that he almost texted Briscoe yesterday about the price of eggs, but he didn’t

I’ve known Jay Briscoe since he was a fan


Watched him become an amazing wrestler, best tag team & realest promo guy

I was going to text him yesterday about the cost of eggs and I didnt

I wish I did

Whenever I saw them I’d say

Luv me some Briscoes

Prayers for his family

The price of eggs has doubled in the past few months, and it’s making headlines. Odds are, Tommy Dreamer and Jay Briscoe would have had a lot to talk about if he gave him a call. This might also be a reminder that you should contact those who you care about, because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

We are still waiting on more details about this terrible situation. You can click here to read the emergency call log from that tragedy. It was noted in the log that there were two fatalities on the scene, and two others were transported to a hospital. At this time, we have not been able to confirm the identities of the other victims in the crash.

Tommy Dreamer is not the only person who will miss Jay Briscoe. This is a terrible situation, and our thoughts go out to everyone involved.

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