Nick Khan used to share the position of co-CEO with Stephanie McMahon, who recently announced her resignation from WWE after her father Vince McMahon made his shocking return to the company. Khan is now the CEO of WWE and is more than comfortable in the role. That being said, he addressed the other major Khan in pro wrestling right now, AEW President Tony Khan.

Back in 2021,  NJPW and WWE were in talks in order to form possible partnership in the future, which was a move made by the then-WWE President Nick Khan. Khan was trying to make a deal with NJPW so that WWE may become the exclusive United States partner for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Of course, that deal never came to fruition at that time. Tony Khan cut a very scathing promo during an interview on Nick Khan’s actions, which certainly got lot of attention from various sources. Tony Khan would even go on to call Nick Khan a con man in his promo.

After returning to the company, Vince McMahon regained control of the company’s Board of Directors as the Executive Chairman of WWE, following Stephanie McMahon’s resignation. This led to rumors that WWE was going to be sold to the highest bidder.


As previously reported, Tony Khan is in the current pool of potential buyers for WWE. While speaking on The Bill Simmons Show, WWE CEO Nick Khan was asked about AEW. Nick Khan stated that while he has never met Tony Khan, he seems like a nice kid.

“A couple of things, I’ve never met the kid, Tony Khan, seems like a nice kid to me. I don’t know him. I have met his dad [Shad Khan], who I randomly sat next to at some sports business luncheon that Stephanie (McMahon) and I went to a year and a half or so ago. I thought the dad was as impressive as can be. There was a piece on him in the New York Times, self-made billionaire, I believe Pakistani immigrant, could not be more impressed by him.

I’m not as big of a NFL fan, but I like the pivots he made, made a mistake in hiring a certain coach, get out of that mistake, figure it out again. Could not be more impressed with that. He made his money in the auto parts business, so he knows that inside and out. I don’t believe he’s involved on the wrestling side of the business, outside of financing it. He has the pockets.”

Nick Khan also doesn’t think AEW is threat whatsoever. That being said, Tony Khan is likely to respond to what Nick Khan said one way or the other and that’s unlikely to change.

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