Jay Briscoe’s tragic passing hit the entire pro wrestling world in a big way. The highly-decorated tag team specialist was only 38-years-old at the time of his passing, and tributes came flooding in. This is a very sad time for everyone in pro wrestling, and Eric Bischoff learned the hard way after he sent out a tweet at the wrong time.

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Pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer was recently called out for reporting false stories. Eric Bischoff retweeted a link to an article that was calling Meltzer out, along with a caption to rile up fans.

Dave is the definition of a useful idiot. Sloppy, lazy, and zero integrity. Surprised it’s taken this long to expose him for what he is. Prominent Wrestling Journalist Dave Meltzer Accused Of Publishing Stories Based On False Information


Eric Bischoff replied to his own tweet once again as he made one more attempt to get fans’ attention. It worked far more than he ever anticipated.

Let’s expose this piece of garbage for what he is: retweet with wreckless abandon!

Fans replied to Eric Bischoff’s second tweet with anger. “Jay just died, sit down” one fan tweeted back. Another commented to say, “With all due respect Eric, the wrestling world is mourning tonight. Maybe move this fight to another day.”

The majority thinking was that Eric Bischoff should have saved that tweet about Dave Meltzer. This simply wasn’t the right time for such a comment. Another fan made things very clear with their reply.

Eric, I think the MAJORITY of wrestling fans are focused on SOMETHING ELSE right now…

There’s a such thing as a TIME and a PLACE and sorry man, but THIS ain’t it.

A wrestler has DIED tonight and people are MOURNING… the LEAST you can do is pay some RESPECT!

Matt Hardy is devastated by this news, and the Usos sent out touching tribute as well. This is a terrible tragedy and the reactions are coming in from all over. Obviously, Jay Briscoe’s passing hit every corner of the pro wrestling landscape.

As of this writing, Eric Bischoff has not replied to those upset fans or apologized for his badly-timed tweet. We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Ringside News.

What’s your take on this tweet from Eric Bischoff? Sound off in the comments!

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