Vince McMahon made waves in July 2022 when he was embroiled in a hush-money scandal. The professional wrestling community simply couldn’t believe that someone of McMahon’s stature could be implicated in such an incident. However, in a shocking turn of events, he returned to WWE this month and wasted no time in regaining control of the company, first by joining the Board of Directors and then by assuming the position of Executive Chairman. Eric Bischoff also believes WWE talent are in an emotional death spiral amid rumors of WWE’s sale.

As fans know by now, Vince McMahon came back to WWE and immediately became part of the Board Of Directors. He soon regained control of the company’s Board of Directors as the Executive Chairman of WWE, and this was terrifying for a lot of fans to witness.

A report emerged that WWE has agreed to sell the company to Saudi Arabia, but that report was quickly dismissed as WWE has not been sold to the controversial Kingdom. In fact, Saudi Arabia is not the only big name in the running for this sale.

That being said, the likelihood of WWE getting sold is still quite high and remains a huge topic of discussion even now. It is unlikely to stop anytime soon by the looks of it as well.


While speaking on a Strictly Business bonus episode, WWE Hall Of Fame Eric Bischoff talked about WWE getting sold. Bischoff stated that he believes WWE talent are in an “emotional death spiral.”

It’s not doom and gloom but if you get caught up in it, if you’re a talent and you’re caught up in this, especially if you’re online and you’re following the news like all of us are, I can see you going into an emotional death spiral.

This is really an opportunity for talent right now because who’s gonna stand out the most now? On that roster, in those locker rooms on Monday and Friday nights? Who’s gonna stand out the most? Probably the people with the best attitude because everybody is expecting to have a bad attitude and be nervous.

If you’re that other person and you’re excited to be there and you’re excited to get into your creative and you’re excited to lay out your match and you can’t wait to get out there and do whatever you’re asked to and you do it with enthusiasm and energy while everybody else is sitting in the back of the arena waiting for the other shoe to drop, you’re going to stand out.

 Eric Bischoff also believes Vince McMahon will do what’s best for WWE’s ‘bottom line.’ We will have to wait and see who ends up purchasing WWE in the end, as there are still quite a few viable options.

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