Lacey Evans is one of the most powerful and athletically gifted WWE superstars in the women’s division. Moreover, she displayed her strength and beauty in a jaw-dropping photo riding a motorcycle.

The 32-year-old superstar was a U.S. Marine before joining WWE in 2016. Lacey Evans’ impressive strength and persona made her a top prospect in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT.

Following a successful stint in NXT, Lacey Evans arrived on the main roster in 2019 to start a program with Becky Lynch, who was in her prime with her ‘The Man’ gimmick being highly popular among the masses. Evans made an instant mark with her program with Lynch.

Lacey Evans spent the next two years, portraying the Sassy Southern Belle character and being featured in mid-card programs. However, her last program before taking a hiatus due to real-life pregnancy saw her being paired with The Nature Boy Ric Flair. Evans and Flair’s chemistry was widely appreciated and would have led her to championship glory, but those plans were derailed to Evans being pregnant.


After a year of inactivity, Lacey Evans reemerged on WWE television, dropping her previous gimmick and adopting a much more ruthless persona. She reclaimed her impressive physique after her pregnancy and recently flaunted it all in a cheeky photo on Twitter. She capped it off by riding a dirt bike while wearing an American flag swimsuit.

“Working on my #WrestleMania entrance. 🇺🇲💣🏍 #WWE.”

It’s really hard to find a photo that screams: “‘Merica” more than this one. Obviously, Lacey Evans is very proud to be an American.

Lacey Evans has not been seen on WWE television programming for a while now. However, the Royal Rumble could change all that for the Lady of WWE. In the meantime, you can check out the photo below.

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