Alberto El Patron filed a lawsuit against Combate Global alleging that the latter had breached his contract by failing to pay him $250,000 for his fight against Tito Ortiz and for also not returning his social media accounts to him. Now it seems that is all in the past

Patron asked the court for compensatory damages of $250,000 for the breach of contract and interest of at least $26,250 “calculated as follows through April 15th, 2021, and as determined by the Court for the days following April 15, 2021, up to the date judgment is rendered: 7% interest of $26,250” for his costs. He also wanted “reasonable” attorney fees to be paid by Combate Global.

The lawsuit was amended in July 2022 after Combate Americas’ parent company was removed as a defendant. Combate tried to have the case dismissed by arguing that the court didn’t have jurisdiction over the case, and it should be dismissed under the federal rule of civil procedure. Combate cited that they have members in Florida and Patron is a citizen of Florida, and hence the case should not be heard in federal court.

PW Insider reports that the court ordered discovery into the situation and announced they will make a ruling on this issue, giving Patron’s lawyers the chance to argue the motion to dismiss.


However, that is all for naught now, because the lawsuit was officially dismissed on January 12th after a joint request by the two sides that the case be dismissed with prejudice and that each side will handle their respective attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses. The judge signed off on the request the same day.

This could mean that both parties came to an agreement or settlement out of court although there is no confirmation of this taking place as of writing this article. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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