Kevin Nash recently filmed an episode of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, but the story behind that segment might be even better. The series focuses on WWE collectors and stars searching for lost collectibles. However, Big Sexy also disclosed confrontation with Conrad Thompson because of that show that surrounded some of his iconic gear.

Big Daddy Cool filmed something for the series alongside WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. Kevin Nash recently went on to disclose that he gifted his Oz gear when asked by the producer for collectibles, because he gave that iconic piece of pro wrestling history to the podcaster. The producers then informed him that a different man owns the gear now, implying that Conrad Thompson gave the cloak from the Oz days to somebody else.

Kevin Nash had to call Conrad Thompson out on this, and mess with him in the process. He spoke all about it on his Kliq This podcast.

“I got a call from the producer, whoever it was, and he’s like, ‘Hey, what do you got left over from your ring gear days?’ I said, ‘Nothing. I got nothing.’ He goes, ‘You got nothing?’ I said, ‘No. I sold the singlets, the pants. I got a pair of boots. I said I got a knee brace.’ Then when I looked around the house, I found those Oz pants, which I have on in this picture. Those are the pants that go to the Oz cloak that I gave Conrad, that Conrad gave to somebody else.


So the guy that’s in there, one of the production guys, says, ‘Hey, man. I know the guy that has this.’ I said, ‘Conrad.’ He goes, ‘No.’ He names this name, like Bill somebody. So I tweet Conrad. I said, ‘Wow, man, I gifted you my Oz gimmick, and you f*cking turn around and [give the cloak away].’ Conrad’s such a good f*cking guy. Conrad, you could tell, he was actually like, ‘Oh f*ck, I upset Nash.’ So he put, ‘I got in my collecting mode, and I’m embarrassed. I apologize.’ Really from the heart, and I knew it was from the heart. So I wait a whole day, and then finally a day later, I put, ‘Well then,’ in capital letters, ‘F*ck you.'”

Kevin Nash further stated that he only wanted to know how much Conrad Thompson got for selling his iconic Oz gear and clarified that there were no tensions between them. Nash continued the talk, mentioning filming with Mick Foley at an Airbnb as opposed to letting the taping happen at his own house.

““So they take me out. I won’t let anybody use my house. You’re not filming sh*t in my house. So they said, ‘Well, we’re get an air bnb.’ So they go out, I couldn’t have walked to the ocean in three ways from this house. I Zillow it, and it’s $1.1 million, is what the price of the house is. It’s in New Smyrna. It’s in] f*cking Nowheresland. There’s not enough real estate in the back yard to put a pool table, let alone a pool. It is the most overpriced piece of sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s nothing over there,”

Kevin Nash didn’t hold onto anything from his career, which is a bit of a surprise, hopefully, those treasures in pro wrestling history are in good hands with people who really appreciate them, even if they trade them to Conrad Thompson.

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