WWE 2K23 was officially confirmed, with the game being listed for a release in fiscal 2023. WWE 2K22 is the latest installment in the video game series based on the sports entertainment company. In advance of the imminent reveal, a new update on the upcoming WWE 2K23 console video game has surfaced.

Many fans are anticipating great things from WWE 2K23 because WWE 2K22 was hailed as considerable improvement over WWE 2K20. Although the WWE 2K23 is anticipated to launch in the first half of 2023, there haven’t been many official updates from 2K about the game.

According to Mike Straw of Insider Gaming, people “familiar” with the game have said that 2K will have an event on January 28 in San Antonio to present the game’s first comprehensive look. At the event, attendees will get the opportunity to play the game firsthand and learn more about its 2K Showcase mode.

Additionally, it is said that a new game mode will be revealed. The Royal Rumble premium live event is scheduled to take place from the Alamodome on January 28. This means that WWE will be in town at the same time as the event.


On February 1, which coincidentally falls on a Wednesday, more will be announced. As far as what it will entail, that wasn’t provided in full. However, it can be confirmed that it will include more information not shown during the WWE 2K23 reveal in San Antonio.

According to Straw, more details about the game will be made public on February 1. According to the article, information that won’t be shared at the event on January 28 will be discussed on February 1.

Fans are always interested and excited about a new pro wrestling video game. Instead of updating the same game every year, 2k keeps pumping out new versions. Only time will tell how fans receive this year’s game. Keep an eye on Ringside News for the latest updates.

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