The pro wrestling world mourned the loss of Owen Hart in 1999. Jim Ross officially announced his death for the WWE Universe during Over The Edge. Ross recently revealed that he got dirty looks during Owen Hart’s funeral after the tragic day.

Many pro wrestling legends have sadly died far sooner than they should have. One of the most tragic incidents occurred during WWE’s Over The Edge event in 1999 when Owen Hart died after falling from the rafters. Despite the disaster, the company went on with the show.

The Hart family was understandably upset by the incident. Jim Ross sensed the onset of that anger during his burial service. Ross admitted that the manner he was treated made him “feel guilty” on the most recent episode of Grilling JR.

You talk about dirty looks, it’s as if I did something wrong. I was there to show support, but because I was representing WWE I was not a welcome guest at that service. I thought that was very, very unfair. When you feel guilty about things that you didn’t do, you’ve got to evaluate a little bit here, come on. It was tough.


Chris Benoit’s death receives significantly less sympathy, because of the circumstances surrounding the double-murder suicide. Jim Ross feels that Benoit will “never go into any major Halls of Fame,” despite the fact that some people think his in-ring prowess merits that distinction due to his actions in his dying days.

I wish things, for a lot of common sense reasons, had not gone down like they did. But I will never not respect the wrestler that Chris Benoit was. You can’t justify, nor should you try, his last few days on earth because I can’t explain that. ‘Well he had a concussion deal, he had CTE,’ I don’t know what he had for sure, and I don’t know anybody knows for sure.

Jim Ross recalled Owen Hart’s death during an episode of Grillin JR podcast last year. The legendary commentator recently said that he and Jerry Lawler had to re-live the incident when WWE returned to the venue in 2002.

As for Owen Hart, his family is now honoring his name in AEW. Even Bruce Prichard admitted that the WWE Hall of Fame will never be complete, until Owen Hart is inducted. Keep an eye on Ringside News for more.

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