Triple H started out his time in WWE as a Superstar on the roster like everyone else, by the time Goldberg got to Vince McMahon’s company, The Game had a bit of pull. Triple H was one of the biggest heels in the company at the time and was a dominant champion. Few could even compete with Triple H, and he wanted to preserve that spot.

The WWE Universe weren’t the only ones that hated Triple H for his heelish antics, because he was also disliked backstage by many of the wrestlers in the company. It’s not a shocker that Triple H’s star was on the rise, and he would do anything to get to the top, including burying other wrestlers to become champion.

One of the wrestlers who didn’t like Triple H was his long-time rival at the time Goldberg. During a recent episode of Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle podcast, Conrad Thompson read a quote from the 2003 edition of the WWE show Byte This.

During the 2003 interview, Goldberg disclosed that he didn’t like Triple H, although the two men were involved in a World Heavyweight Championship storyline at the time. He also drew comparisons between the locker room atmosphere in WWE and WCW.


ʼThe truth is I don’t like the guy and I enjoy wearing the belt that he so graciously called his own because, in reality, it was mine first (…) The one big thing here [WWE] is that we’re all working for the common goal, and you’re not worried about one guy trying to one-up you, and that’s coming from a situation [WCW] where that was commonplace. And let me tell you, this is a definite breath of fresh air.”

Despite their offscreen rivalry, the two men went on to have a successful feud that ended when Triple H regained the World Heavyweight Championship from Goldberg at Armageddon 2003.

Since, Goldberg’s return to the company in 2016, the two men haven’t stepped in the ring together for match, and given that Triple H is pretty much done with wrestling, that is unlikely going to happen. Stay tuned to Ringside News for similar stories.

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