Zelina Vega is easily among the most talented women on the WWE roster. However, we all know that Vega has many other interests outside the ring. Recently, she decided to channel that interest with a jaw-dropping photo for the fans.

Zelina Vega has been a part of WWE since 2017, debuting as the manager of Andrade El Idolo. Furthermore, she has also proved her worth as an in-ring competitor and excellence on the mic over the years.

Despite being released by the company in 2020 due to certain differences, Zelina Vega’s talent led her back to WWE nearly eight months later. She is looking strong and confident and her second run could prove to be more prominent than her initial one.

Outside the ring, Zelina Vega is an avid lover of cosplay, video games, and anime. She recently decided to treat the fans with a stunning photo on Instagram, asking for their hot take surrounding an anime question.


“React to this anime hot take:
Naruto has way better character development than Dragon Ball.

*disclaimer: this is not my hot take*
Yesterday’s hot take was: Goku is a horrible father.

Yikes, no love for Dragon Ball, y’all??”

The former Queen’s Crown winner is currently serving as the manager of Legado Del Fantasma. However, she has been very open about winning a major singles title in WWE. We will have to wait and see if 2023 becomes the year of Zelina Vega and her title aspirations.

Do you think Zelina Vega can become a Women’s champion? Sound off in the comments!

Nikunj Walia

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