It was announced last week that the team of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre are now called “The Banger Bros.” The name caught a lot of attention and fans offered mixed reactions to it on social media due to the title resonating with the popular adult film company, “Bang Bros.”

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre themselves have joked about the matter on social media, hinting that they’re perfectly aware of the resemblance between the two names. The WWE Universe has already come up with some cheeky tweets and The Banger Bros. seem to be enjoying every bit of it.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is fully aware of The Banger Bros/Bang Bros connection, but there aren’t any plans of changing the name just yet.

There has been some notice that the name Banger Bros for the tag team of Sheamus & Drew McIntyre. Evidently there is a porn company called Bang Bros. If the name changes, that would be the reason, although we haven’t been told the name is changing, just that there is an awareness of that.


Sheamus recently conducted a poll asking fans what mode of transportation they would like to see The Banger Bros avail. “Banger Bus” won the poll with 63.6% of the total votes and “Banger Truck” secured second place. McIntyre opined that the duo could use a cab.

Last week, Sheamus and McIntyre lost to The Usos in tag team action. The Samoans bested The Banger Bros. to retain their titles.

It remains to be seen what plans WWE has in store for McIntyre, Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland on the Road To WrestleMania. If anything, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus got an interesting name along the way.

What’s your take on The Banger Bros? Sound off in the comments section.

Saptarshi Sinha

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