Fans were excited when WWE finally announced a UK version of its developmental brand NXT. NXT UK was born with the vision of helping the independent British wrestling scene. However, after just a few years, WWE shut down NXT UK and announced plans to relaunch as NXT Europe.

While many fans were excited about the idea of NXT Europe, there were quite a few that remained skeptical given that WWE fired a majority of its NXT UK roster. British wrestling star Michael Oku is also skeptical of WWE’s interest in the British Indies.

During a recent interview with Stephanie Chase, Michael Oku claimed that NXT UK was created not to help, but to hurt. He further claimed that WWE got rid of NXT UK when they weren’t making any money from it.

“It feels like ‘NXT UK’ was created not to help, but to hurt. I think the biggest bit of evidence on that is when there was nothing to compete with anymore and when there is a pandemic and when they’re not making money from it, their immediate thing is to get rid of it.”


“Again, they say, ‘Oh, we’re going to do ‘NXT Europe,” but okay, if you are, what’s your explanation for firing all of your roster?” he asked. “That’s what I want to know. That’s the one thing I feel like they would love to know, the ones that got let go.”

Michael Oku also mentioned that the WWE helped provide more money for the independent wrestlers. After all, NXT UK talent were on the bottom of WWE’s totem pole.

“It did provide independent wrestlers more money. We’ll see what they can do [with ‘NXT Europe’]. We’ll see if they realize that Europe is not a country and it’s a load of different countries with different laws. It’s intriguing.”

While WWE mentioned plans to launch NXT Europe in 2023, there hasn’t been an official launch date announced. With everything going on in the company at the moment, it is likely that any plans to launch NXT Europe have been delayed. Stay tuned to Ringside News for similar stories.

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