Enzo Amore was one of the most controversial superstars in the industry when he was a WWE mainstay. However, everyone will also agree that the former Cruiserweight Champion was quite an impressive talker. Road Dogg recently stated that he believes Enzo Amore could have had a huge influence if he had continued in WWE as a manager.

Road Dogg discussed Enzo Amore’s potential on the Oh…You Didn’t Know? podcast. Despite having a solid relationship with Amore, Road believes that Amore would have been better suited for a management job rather than competing in the ring. Road claimed that he always considered Amore to be the next great manager in sports entertainment and professional wrestling.

I think Enzo Amore … if he was just a manager, that could also pop up and take a bump, and you get five minutes with him if you beat his big dude or whatever. I always thought he was the guy that could have been the next great manager in sports entertainment/professional wrestling.

I’m not saying he’s horrible at working, but I’m not going to say he’s great at it either.


Enzo Amore created a group in WWE NXT with Carmella and Big Cass and then moved to the main roster, getting over with his promos. Amore adopted the ring moniker nZo and began competing in indie wrestling and Major League Wrestling after leaving WWE in 2018. However, prior to his WWE exit, Amore captivated fans with his smooth-talking and smart comebacks.

In WWE NXT, he frequently worked as the mouthpiece for his group with Carmella and Big Cass, and later, the main roster. It has been nearly four years since WWE fired Enzo Amore due to sexual assault allegations, ones that were later disproven as no charges were ever filed. As previously reported, the former WWE Superstar recently released new track named Hacksaw, a clear tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Enzo Amore also sparked controversy when he claimed he would brutalize MJF on the microphone in five minutes. Following the episode, MJF turned to Twitter to ask supporters who they believe would win verbal brawl between the two men.

The wrestling community appeared to agree that MJF would win on the microphone. It would be interesting to see if Enzo makes a comeback to tackle MJF, as well as how he responds to what Road said. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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