MJF is riding the wave of success as the self-proclaimed top superstar of All Elite Wrestling. His ultra level of arrogance allows The Devil to take shots at anything, and he decided to shift his radar to older people who use the popular app Snapchat.

The Salt of the Earth is considered one of the AEW Originals, being with the company since its inception. His amazing promo skills and in-ring talent made him a top prospect who would become a mega star in the years to come.

That’s exactly what MJF did at AEW Full Gear 2022 when MJF claimed his destiny and defeated Jon Moxley in a hard-fought battle to win the AEW World championship. With this win, MJF now sits atop of the mountain of All Elite.

MJF’s big win may have boosted his confidence above the moon and made him highly arrogant, even more than before. He’s always enjoying roasting people, but now he’s casting an even wider net. He recently targeted people above 30 on Twitter, taking a nasty and offending jab at them for using Snapchat and labeling them as sex offenders.


“If you’re over 30 and you want to exchange Snapchat information. you’re a sex offender.”

MJF is currently embroiled in a heated feud with Bryan Danielson. The former leader of the Yes Movement recently challenged MJF to 60-minute Iron Man match for the AEW World championship, with the match yet to be made official.

Do you want to see MJF vs Bryan Danielson in a 60-minute Iron Man match? Sound off in the comments!

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