With the return of Vince McMahon, WWE is now really serious about sale of the company, because the company has hired JPMorgan and the company wants to sell before the subsequent television media rights negotiations start. Now there’s a a new story that one of the co-CEOs has a deal with Vince McMahon in place for sale.

On the latest “What Happened When” podcast with Tony Schiavone, Conrad Thompson explained from a reliable source that when CEO Nick Khan was hired by WWE at the time to help sell the company. Thompson explains that Khan’s a deal with Vince where in his contract, he gets a big payday when he helps facilitate the sale as well.

“I’ve been saying on this program for a while that WWE was going to sell. Do you know why I said that? Because I knew. You know how I knew? Remember when Nick Khan first joined WWE? Well he joined, and he was, of course, an agent. You’ve heard of like UTA and CAA and WME, all these big Hollywood agencies. He was a guy who was helping to negotiate contracts and make deals and things like that. I happened to have some friends who needed representation like that. We’ll say that.”

“My friend was represented by the same company that Nick Khan was sort of running, and when my friend sees that the guy who runs this big agency is now going to WWE, he thought, ‘What the f**k? This doesn’t make any sense.’ So he called his contact and said, ‘Dude, what’s up with Nick going, blah, blah, blah.’ He said, and this is years ago now, ‘Yea. He’s got a deal with Vince where in his contract, he gets a big payday when he helps facilitate the sale.’ He told me the number, and I won’t say the number because that’s talking about somebody’s money and that’s not cool, but let’s just say this, it’s more than AEW’s TV contract is for a year. It’s a lot. It’s a lot, a lot. So when you hear it’s a lot, a lot, you think, ‘Well why would this guy go here?’, Ah ha, and now, Ta Da. I’ve heard backchanneling before Mean Gene passed away, he said, ‘Well, I heard from’, and I won’t say who he heard it from, ‘When the stock gets to so and so,’ This has been brewing for a while. I know a lot of wrestling fans have been thinking, ‘Well this is just a brand new development.’ It’s years old.”


Everything that Conrad Thompson explained about Nick Khan being involved with a sale in WWE makes more sense now, especially based on his Hollywood connections. It doesn’t help that he wants a piece of the sale.

WWE is expected to be in talks with major entertainment companies in the next several months. Whoever buys the sports entertainment giant will face possible scrutiny from fans, journalists, and various businesses across the world, especially with Vince McMahon spearheading the sale.

Do you think Nick Khan was smart to be involved with the sale of WWE? Sound off in the comments!

Andre Porter

Andre is a passionate wrestling fan and journalist with years of experience covering the WWE. He has attended numerous wrestling events and has a deep understanding of the sport. In addition to his writing, Andre is also a graduate of The University of Arts with a BFA in multimedia and enjoys film, comics, and all Philadelphia sports. He is also an avid follower of John Cena on Twitter.

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