MVP became an exciting addition to this generation’s WWE roster. He saw success in his first run under Vince McMahon’s era, and it looks like he had an interesting choice of words for the evolution of pro wrestling recently, with the onset of Vince McMahon’s return to the company’s Board of Directors.

Vince McMahon’s return has become the subject of discussion this week. The former WWE Chairman and CEO are officially back among the WWE Board of Directors, looking to bring massive deals and potentially pursue the sale of the business he built for four decades.

Naturally, a lot of fans had negative things to say about it. Ringside News also exclusively reported that this isn’t seen as great thing internally, either.

MVP was one superstar who thrived at a time Vince McMahon was in charge. He decided to drop a cryptic message on Twitter, talking about pro wrestling evolving, potentially referencing Vince’s return with an Italian who experimented with pizza and pineapple and made this different approach a success.


“1) Professional wrestling evolves. Just like EVERYTHING else. I don’t like pineapple pizza. No Italian EVER dreamed of putting pineapple on a pizza! But, some fool did it and MILLIONS of people love it! I don’t think the pizza is “ruined”, I just don’t enjoy it as much.”

MVP is currently serving as the manager for the Colossal Omos. However, he was recently spotted backstage with his former cohorts of ‘The Hurt Business’, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, indicating that the faction might be reuniting soon.

Do you think MVP was really referencing Vince McMahon in his cryptic message? Sound off in the comments!

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