Chris Jericho has been around in the wrestling business for over 30 years. He has everything, one can in the business and seems to be content with his personal choices as well. However, it looks like The Ucho got into a tussle with a hotel chain over a bad booking experience.

The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla has been a mainstay for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling since its inception in 2019, being the company’s first-ever signee. Chris Jericho has been featured in many major programs in AEW, won championships, and he helped build the next generation of talent to thrive inside the squared circle.

Chris Jericho, however, seems to have had a bad experience with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts recently. The Ucho called out the hotel chain on Twitter about a mistake he did while making a reservation that he changed in mere twenty seconds. The person berated Jericho instead, refusing to help him with the query and asking him “to deal with it.”

“Hi @reservationscom! I accidentally pressed wrong button for the suites I reserved for @WyndhamHotels in #deerfieldbeach. When I called to change 20 secs later, I was told, “tough luck…deal w it.” I find that unreasonable & would like to change NOT CANCEL this res-Total swindle!”


Chris Jericho was seen feuding with AEW upstart Action Andretti lately. The former ROH World champion lost to Andretti in his debut match, possibly in an attempt to put over the younger start, something he has done for a lot of superstars in his career. We’ll have to see if this new feud ends, but it’s likely Jericho won’t be putting the hotel chain over.

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