Kyle O’Reilly is one of the most technically gifted in-ring competitors in the wrestling business. He has been out of action for quite a while due to injury. However, the member of The Undisputed Elite is eyeing a comeback in 2023 and revealed some issues he is facing after a recent surgery.

Kyle O’Reilly was an exciting attraction for WWE developmental brand, NXT. He had a good run with the company as a tag team and singles competitor that lasted until 2021. O’Reilly then switched to All Elite Wrestling in December 2021, reuniting with Adam Cole and Bobby Fish much like their NXT days.

The former ROH World champion has not competed in the ring for several months. He recently dropped a photo on Instagram revealing his comeback plans and hinting at some post-surgical issues, informing the fans that he would provide regular updates on his road to recovery.

“New year, new me. I hate how cheesy and cliche that sounds but in the case of Kyle O’Reilly and 2023 it rings very true. Dealing with a post-surgical issue (that I will disclose at a later date) has caused me a lot of frustration and I’ve spent the last few months of ‘22 with anger and confusion. In order for me to return to the ring I simply cannot come back as good as I was. I have to become better in every aspect of my athletic wellness. I have to train better, eat smarter and recover with intention.


Many of you are aware of my battle with type-1 diabetes and that also puts me at a disadvantage in terms of healing and recovery. Thankfully working with @thediabeticfighter has inspired me to regain control of my life and to finally hop off the blood sugar roller coaster. I cannot recommend this man’s services enough, in 6 days alone I’m spending more time in my target range than I have in months.

And of course I couldn’t pull it off without my trusty @eversensecgm. It’s astonishing how consistently accurate this device is and has been my tag-team partner for almost 5 years. If the transmitter falls off during physical therapy or when I walk into a door frame I can just stick it back on.

I haven’t spoken much about my injury and the mental struggles I’ve faced but I’m realizing how therapeutic it is to just write this down. Our words have so much power even if you’re just thinking them or writing them down. So a “new me” is a necessity to ensure that I will once again have the honor and privilege of walking down that ramp and stepping through those ropes. Expect more from me as the months go on and witness a glimpse into how I rebuild and retrain myself for a return that I can’t wait for you all to see.


Kyle O Reilly last competed in AEW on the June 8th edition of AEW Dynamite. He wrestled two matches that night, firstly winning a Battle Royal and then going on to lose to Jon Moxley later that night. It is unclear at the moment on how long O Reily will be out of action. Stay tuned to Ringside News for updates on the story.

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