Vince McMahon’s name has been in the headlines a lot recently, ever since the Wall Street Journal published that he was plotting his way back into the WWE. As of yesterday, Vince McMahon managed to hold the WWE hostage until he muscled his way back into the company.

Since the news broke of his return, the big question is how long it will take before Vince McMahon gets involved in the company’s creative direction. He is currently not on-site for SmackDown this week, but he’s not at WWE HQ either.

PW Insider reports that while there were rumors that Vince was spotted that Titan Towers, they were unable to substantiate that. Right now, Vince McMahon’s exact whereabouts is unknown.

“To answer a few questions, there has been no sign of Vince McMahon in Memphis ahead of tonight’s Smackdown taping. There were rumors among employees earlier today he was at Titan Tower, but we haven’t been able to substantiate that. Of course, there’s been rumors he’s been seen at the Titan Tower gym for months, but no one would ever confirm that as legitimate as well. [Update: 12:45 PM We are told McMahon is NOT at WWE HQ today.],” per PWInsider.


Vince McMahon’s return to power begs a lot of questions from fans regarding the creative direction of the company. Now, that he has managed to find his way back into power, we will have to wait and see if he will sell the company. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Sunil Joseph

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