Talking Smack was a popular show hosted by Renee Paquette and Bryan Danielson, which aired after SmackDown to wrap up the show. The series was entertaining and had a sense of realism to it. There were plenty of memorable moments during the show. One of the most infamous moments of Talking Smack was The Miz’s rant against Bryan Danielson.

It quickly became one of the most talked-about moments of the year that also catapulted The Miz back into the spotlight. Bryan Danielson recently spoke to Renee Paquette on her The Sessions podcast where he admitted that he was trying to get fired on Talking Smack due to frustrations of not being cleared to compete in the ring.

“So, it was a little bit of a nightmare for me. So, I enjoyed it in the sense of sometimes I was trying to get fired. So, like bringing up fisting on Talking Smack.”

When Renee Paquette reminded Bryan about the hog, he said, “Oh God! I forgot about the hog. Doing a whole bit for weeks on end, and when they told me after I’d done it the first time, “Please don’t call James….don’t talk about James Ellsworth having a huge hog.” And I would just bring it up constantly because I was so frustrated at not being cleared to wrestle, was just, I was ready to got and also sometimes they would bring me to TV just to do Talking Smack,” Bryan said.


It turns out that Bryan Danielson didn’t need to do all those things to get fired because he was finally able to leave the WWE and wrestle for AEW, where he is now focused on helping the younger talent. Stay tuned to Ringside News for similar stories.

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