Tony Khan has been on hiring spree. Over the years, AEW has acquired quite the number of world-class talent. The only problem is, with limited show time per week, not everyone can get ample television time and opportunity.

A classic example of this problem is Miro, former WWE Superstar Rusev. The former TNT Champion started his AEW career strong, but he has been floundering in recent months. Another good example of this issue in AEW is Will Ospreay.

Will Ospreay wrestled a couple of matches for AEW between June and August of last year. However, Konnan felt that AEW didn’t know what to do with a world-class talent like Will Ospreay. He had this to say on this K100 w/Konnan & Disco podcast.

“They really didn’t do anything with him in AEW. He is a generational talent. But, you know, that seems to be AEW’s MO. They get these big stars and they don’t know what to do with them.”


While AEW may not have handled the booking of most of its roster properly, there are a few homegrown talent that has received a massive push recently. As of now, the only solution for this problem is for Tony Khan to stop signing new wrestlers to the company without terminating some of the existing contracts. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of similar stories.

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