MJF has become the subject of heated exchanges and controversial comments on social media lately. The AEW World champion has been on a vocal spree, firing shots at everything in his sight. This time, a popular wrestling YouTube channel finds itself in the crosshairs of The Devil.

The Salt of the Earth is enjoying perhaps the best run of his entire AEW career. His win over Jon Moxley and subsequently capturing the AEW World championship at Full Gear 2022 has risen his stocks higher than ever. MJF further claims that all the mainstream attention the company has received lately is because of his title reign.

Nowadays, MJF is also known for being highly active in the social media war of words, taking jabs at anything he pleases. This is not likely to change any time soon.

MJF recently called out Cultaholic YouTube channel on Twitter for their recent video “9 Pitches for AEW in 2023” which saw the channel mocking MJF that he would lose the title to Eddie Kingston as depicted in the video’s thumbnail.


“@Cultaholic funny as hell.”

Cultaholic further aggravated the AEW World champion by claiming that they want to see him lose his title in 2o23.

“It’s not what we think will happen… IT’S WHAT WE WANT TO HAPPEN!”

MJF ended the heated exchange by asking the channel to die in a hole. He also made an announcement about all British YouTube channels.

“Die in a hole. All you British wrestling YT Chanel’s SUCK!”

MJF is indeed one of the most arrogant stars in professional wrestling. However there is no doubt that he has also become the talk of the town, potentially building on his credibility further to become a hot free agent in next year’s bidding war after the expiration of his current AEW contract.

Do you think MJF will remain with AEW after his contract expires in 2024? Sound off in the comments!

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