WWE welcomed back a few former Superstars over the past several months, and it seems that the door is open for many more returns. That also creates a situation where one might find former stars lauding WWE’s praises, for whatever ulterior motives they might have.

While speaking to the Bailey Wrestling Show, CJ Perry did not hide her thoughts about WWE vs AEW. While throwing a little shade at Tony Khan, she relented that TK will run AEW however he runs his business. That being said, there is a reason why WWE is a global powerhouse.

“Tony Khan runs his business however he’d like to run his business, I’m going to leave it at that. There’s a reason why WWE is the greatest wrestling franchise and one of the greatest franchises in the world, and it’s because they value sports entertainment, storytelling, and not just fighting for a ‘wrestling title,’ but they value resolving conflict in the ring and that’s what makes wrestling special. You can fight over anything like (Chris) Jericho would fight over a list. Rusev [Miro] fought in my honor so many times.

I fought Summer Rae because she took my ex-boyfriend that I hated, and I wanted revenge. Those type of things are relatable and are relatable to women. A lot more women watch these stories where it’s a soap opera where we resolve our conflict in the ring. That’s what WWE is great at; storyteling, bringing comedy battles, funny things, serious things. Personally, it’s why I love WWE because it’s not just wrestling, it’s entertainment as well, and I’m here to entertain and put smiles on faces, not just be the ‘best wrestler.’ That’s where I stand on the two different promotions.”


Lana also admitted that she would shut down her premium content website if WWE gave her call. This was after she pretty much confirmed that Rusev Day will return to WWE in some fashion.

Miro has not returned to AEW television yet. After his wife’s recent comments about Tony Khan, we have to wonder how long it will be until The Redeemer makes his return to Dynamite, or if he will only get booked on Dark.

What’s your take on this situation with Miro? Sound off in the comments!

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