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WWE RAW will start this week at 8:00 PM EST, as always. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

It should be a big night as WWE continues its build toward January 28th’s Royal Rumble event. They have a bit of time to tell those stories, so it will be interesting to see what they do this week.


Tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW promises an exciting night of action. Austin Theory is set to defend his US Title against Seth Rollins. The RAW Women’s Championship will also be on the line tonight. The match card is as follows:

  • United States Championship: Austin Theory (c) vs. Seth Rollins
  • RAW Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair vs. Alexa Bliss

WWE RAW Opener:

The opening package for the show airs.

The Bloodline are attacked attacking security at the start of the show. Jimmy gets a headset and says they are taking over the show. Zayn says The Bloodline runs this show. Kevin Owens’ theme song plays and he comes out.

Zayn tells him not to say a word and listen because they aren’t in a good mood. He also says tonight is a hostile takeover. He says they are taking over and it’s because of him.

Owens says he had something to say but after hearing Zayn all he wants to do is punch him in the face. Adam Pearce comes out to stop Owens and says The Bloodline is not the authority on RAW. He says they aren’t doing this tonight and asks The Bloodline to leave the ring.

Security tries to enter the ring but Sikoa takes them out. Owens charges in the ring but The Bloodline attacks him. The RAW locker room comes out and fights with The Bloodline who retreat.

Pearce says they aren’t escaping easily and says he will put them to work tonight.

Byron Saxton is backstage and he interviews Bianca Belair. She says she is no victim and doesn’t want to talk to Alexa Bliss. She says Bliss doesn’t what she wants when she wants. She finishes by saying she wants to prove the RAW Women’s Championship belongs with her.

*Commercial break*

RAW superstars are upset with The Bloodline and every one wants a piece. Elias says he wants a match with Solo Sikoa. Pearce agrees to a music city street fight. He then proposes a six-man fight. Pearce says it’s a New Year.

RAW Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss’ theme song plays and she comes out to the ring. Bianca Belair’s theme song plays next and she comes to the ring.

Belair knocks her down and hits the uppercut. Belair with a kick and a headbutt. Bliss dropkicks her sending her outside. Bliss goes for a hurricanrana but is slammed into he barricade.

*Commercial break*

Belair with a shoulder tackle. Belair with a dropkick to Bliss. She goes to attack but runs into the post. Bliss attacks her. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Bliss goes for a suplex but Belair tries to reverse it. However, Bliss recovers and hits the neckbreaker. Cover! 1…2…kick out. She attacks Belair in the corner. Bliss with a dropkick. Cover! 1…2..kick out.

Bliss for a DDT but is blocked and Belair hits the suplex. Both women brawl and Belair slams Bliss’ face on all four turnbuckles. She then bodyslams Bliss a couple of times. She hits a moonsault. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Belair sent outside. Bliss dives onto her.

*Commercial break*

Bliss hits the dropkick. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Bliss goes to work on Belair. Bianca picks up Bliss and goes for KOD but Bliss escapes but Belair hits the backbreaker. Belair attacks Bliss in the corner but Bliss slips out and uses Belair’s hair to send her outside the ring.

A guy in a mask appears and distracts Bliss. She sends Belair in the ring and climbs the top rope but is distracted by a guy in a mask again and she comes down. Bray Wyatt’s logo appears on the titantron and she goes into a trance and attacks the referee and Belair.

She sends Belair into the post and barricade. She sends her into the steel steps. Bliss hits the DDT on the steel steps. Bliss then walks away but comes back and hits another DDT on the steel steps. Alexa Bliss walks away as medics bring out a stretcher.

Winner: No contest

*Commercial break*

Cathy Kelly interviews Austin Theory. He says his confidence is at an all time high. He says 2022 was his year and 2023 will be his year. He then says he dropped Rollins last week when he least expected it. He continues to say he holds all the cards and he is outplaying Rollins on every turn.

Music City Street Fight: Elias vs. Solo Sikoa

Elias is in the ring and he plays a tune on his guitar. He says he plans on smashing his guitar across Sikoa’s face. He says that Sikoa is going to find out that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.

He then says he has a preflight song but is interrupted by Solo Sikoa who comes out.

Sikoa pushes Elias in the corner and attacks him. Elias fights back but not enough as Sikoa hits a clothesline. Solo sent outside. Elias goes for a baseball dropkick but Sikoa evades and attacks him.

Elias fights back and picks up a bell and attacks Sikoa before sending him into the post. He then picks up a guitar and slams it but Solo escapes.

Sikoa is sent flying through a drum kit. Elias attacks Solo with a part of the drum kit.

*Commercial break*

Both men are fighting on the entrance ramp. Sikoa attacks Elias with a microphone before kicking him. Solo sends Elias into a drum kit. Sikoa sends Elias back into the ring.

Solo with a Samoan drop. Cover! 1….2…kick out. Elias sent outside. Elias attacks Sikoa with a tambourine. He attacks Sikoa with an electric piano. Cover! 1…2….kick out.

Sikoa hits the belly to belly suplex and attacks him in the corner. He goes a splash but misses and Elias attacks him with a tambourine. Elias with a couple of splashes and a spinebuster. He continues to attack Sikoa with a tambourine before sending him outside.

Sikoa takes guitar and gets in the ring but Sikoa superkicks him. Solo attacks him in the corner. hardy gets in the ring and attacks Sikoa with the guitar but it has no effect.

But the distractions allows Elias to hit the jumping knee. He them dives off the top rope but Sikoa hits the Samoan spike. He then hits spinning solo onto a piano for the win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

The Usos and Sami Zayn vs. The Street Profits & Kevin Owens

The Usos theme song hit and they come out with Sami Zayn. The Street Profits music hit and they come out. Kevin Owens’ music plays next and he walks to the ring.

They get into the ring and brawl with The Bloodline. Angelo Dawkins and Jimmy Uso start the match.

Dawkins with an enzuigiri. Cover! 1…2…kick out. He tags out and Ford with a dropkick. He goes to work on Jimmy Uso before tagging in Dawkins. Jey attacks Dawkins from behind. Jimmy tags in Jey Uso who continues to attack Dawkins.

He tags in Sami Zayn who continues to attack Dawkins. Jimmy tags in and goes to work on Dawkins. Jey tags in. Dawkins fights back and tags in Kevin Owens who attacks Jey with a back elbow and senton. He goes to tag in Ford but he seems distracted and The Bloodline capitalize.

*Commercial break*

Jimmy continues to work on Owens. Kevin Owens with a super kick on Jey Uso. Kevin tags in Ford who attacks Sami and Jimmy. He hits the back suplex on Sami. Cover! 1….2…..kick out.

He climbs the top rope but is stopped by Zayn who attempts a superplex but is knocked down. Ford with a frog splash. Cover! 1…2…Jey Uso for the save. Dawkins sends Jey Uso outside. Jimmy and Sami sent outside and Ford dives onto them. Solo comes out and hits the Samoan spike on Dawkins. Owens brawls with him and Jey hits the super kick.

Ford sends Sami back into the ring. He is distracted by Jimmy as Sami hits the Helluva kick for the win.

Winner; The Usos and Sami Zayn

After the match, they attack Kevin Owens. Sikoa gets a steel chair but Zayn asks for it. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre come through the crowd and attack the Bloodline. They clear the ring of the Bloodline.

*Commercial break*

Dexter Lumis vs. Chad Gable

Chad Gable’s music plays first and he comes out with Otis. Dexter Lumis music plays next and he walks to the ring.

Lumis charges at Gable but Gable evades and escapes the ring. Gabel gets in the ring but Lumis follow him and attacks him. Lumis hung up on the top rope.

Chad attacks Lumis repeatedly. Gable goes to work on Lumis. Gable with a Northern Lights Suplex. Lumis attacks Gable and hits the bulldog. He then hits the back suplex and a leg drop. Cover! 1…2…kick out.

German suplex by Gable. Lumis sent into he ring post. He enters the ring but Gable with a cradle but Dexter reverses it and pins him.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

A Cody Rhodes video package plays.

Damage CTRL are shown walking backstage.

*Commercial break*

Damage CTRL’s theme song plays and the group walk out to the ring. Bayley starts by insulting the city. She says that SummerSlam was the last good thing to happen. She says she can’t think of a better way to start the New Year with her stablemates.

She says it was fun beating Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch’s music plays and she comes out and ask Bayley to shut up. She says Bayley has been on a hamster wheel since her return. She calls Bayley a coward and a fraud.

She accuses Bayley of being comfortable in somebody else’s shadow. She says it’s only a matter of time before somebody turns on somebody else. She says she gets better when she’s upset.

Lynch says this started back in SummerSlam in Nashville and they should end it in Nashville tonight. Bayley says no because she has beaten Becky fair and square. She then says that instead, Becky and a partner of her choosing against Kai and SKY. Becky says she can take them both on in an handicap match.

Becky Lynch vs. Dakota Kai & IYO SKY

Lynch kicks IYO SKY. Lynch with an enzuigiri. Cover! 1…2…kick out. SKY tripped on the second turnbuckle. SKY tags out. Kai goes for a big boot but Lynch counters and attacks them both.

SKY distracts Lynch as Kai hits the big boot. SKY hits a clothesline. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Kai tags out and sends Lynch outside. SKY sends Lynch into the barricade and then the ring post. She sends Lynch into the ring. SKY tags out .

Mia Yim’s music hits and she joins Becky Lynch’s team.

Both women tag out and Michin attacks IYO SKY and Kai. Lynch takes out Kai and Michin dives onto SKY.

*Commercial break*

Kai with a scorpion kick. She tags out and they double team her. IYO goes for the crossfire but Michin fights out of it and IYO locks in the crossface again. SKY sent outside.

IYO tags out. Michin with a neckbreaker on SKY. Kai goes to attack Lynch but Michin tags out and Lynch attacks Kai. Lynch hits a dropkick off the top rope. She sets up Kai on the top rope and she and Michin hits the double superplex. Cover! 1….2…..IYO to the rescue.

Mia with a dropkick to SKY and she plants Kai. Cover! 1…2….Bayley places her leg on the rope. Becky attacks Bayley. Michin hits Eat Defeat on Kai but SKY hits the moonsault for the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai and IYO SKY

Cathy Kelley interviews Seth Rollins. Rollins says 2023 is already looking like 2022 and says Austin Theory is trying to take his spot. He says Monday Nights belongs to him and so will the US Title.

He then says that has good as Austin is, he is not Seth Rollins. He then walks away.

*Commercial break*

Byron interviews Alexa Bliss who says she gained control over Bianca who now know the only threat is her.

Dominik appears on screen and he talks about his experience in prison. He then says he served hard time and he survived and he has changed. Dominik then says he is just getting started.

United States Championship: Austin Theory (c) vs. Seth Rollins

Austin Theory’s music hit and he walks down to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Seth Rollins’ theme song plays and he comes out to the ring.

Theory with a headlock. Seth hits the slingblade. He sends Theory outside the ring and hits the jumping knee. Rollins slams Theory on the barricade and hits him with the knees.

*Commercial break*

Seth attacks the chest of Theory. Rollins with a jumping knee. Theory fights back with a dropkick. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Theory goes to work on Rollins. Theory with a backbreaker. Cover! 1…..2…..kick out. Theory wears him down with a chin lock. Rollins with a back suplex. Rollins goes for a splash in the corner but misses.

Theory continue to apply the rear chin lock. Jawbreaker by Rollins but he is sent outside. Theory goes after him and slammed into he announcer’s desk. Theory tosses Seth over the announcer’s desk.

*Commercial break*

Both men exchange strikes and Rollins hits the clothesline and a kick to the midsection. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Austin Theory.

Rollins with a backbreaker. Cover! 1…2….kick out. Rollins climbs the top rope but is stopped by Austin Theory. Theory with an elbow strike. Rollins goes for a buckle bomb but his knee gave out.

He goes for it again but Theory holds on the the top rope and kicks Seth. Rollins then climbs up and hits the superplex but Theory counters into he neckbreaker. Cover! 1….2…..kick out.

Rollins hits a enzuigiri on Theory. Both men exchange strikes and Rollins hits an elbow to the neck. Rollins goes for the Stomp but Theory evades.

The US Champion then takes his belt and proceeds to leave but Rollins stops him and sends him back into the ring. He superkicks Austin and climbs the top rope and hits the frog splash. Cover! 1….2…..kick out.

Rollins sent into the referee. Seth hits the pedigree but his leg is hurt. Cover! 1,….2….kick out. Rollins goes for the Stomp but Theory counters and hits the low blow followed by the chop block. Theory then hits A-Town Down for the win.

Winner: Austin Theory (c)

This ends our live coverage of WWE RAW.

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