Kevin Owens is known for his short fuse and incredibly daring moves in the ring. However, he can be rational at times, and only goes into a rage when he understands that things don’t add up. As a result, the WWE star is really happy with the regime change.

WWE gets a lot of hate from fans when logic is ignored in their storylines. Many WWE storylines in the past even have plot holes that are very easy to spot. In an interview with WrestleRant, Kevin Owens talked about how logic is back in the driver’s seat after the regime change in WWE.

I’m a big fan of being logical. I’ve always tried to be logical in my time in WWE, maybe more logical than most people choose to be or try to be or wanna be. I do have quite the memory for things that happen in wrestling, I always have had that kind of memory and it’s not just for me either. Whenever I get the chance to use that logic, it’s always nice and I’m happy to do it.

Kevin Owens also talked about how the new regime is much different than the old. According to the WWE superstar, the creative minds of the new regime clearly illustrate the difference.


Yeah, I can’t say that it’s always been like that. I think the changes in direction also came with a change in mentality, and everybody’s got different ways of thinking about what we do. It used to be like ‘Oh, this is in the past, people won’t remember.’ But man, I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life and when I’d watch it, I’d remember.

Kevin Owens also spoke about the importance that fans have in the WWE. While the old regime was inconsistent, which hurt its audiences, the new regime is more practical and rational. Triple H is running a tight ship, and his decades of experience are finally shaping WWE into what it is supposed to be.

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