The 24/7 Championship was introduced a couple of years ago. The rules for the title resembled that of the Hardcore Championship from the attitude era. Road Dogg recently discussed the Hardcore Title and said that Triple H didn’t see value in the WWE 24/7 Title.

On the most recent edition of “Oh…You Didn’t Know,” Road Dogg explored a variety of topics. During the episode, the former WWE Superstar was asked if he feels the Hardcore Title can work in today’s wrestling. Dogg thinks that Triple H’s philosophy doesn’t align with the 24/7 kind of Hardcore Title.

I don’t know if they could do a Hardcore Championship thing, but I think they still do a little wild, wild west stuff. I mean, you still still see some chairs come into play. You still see them going through a table and stuff, so I think there’s enough TLC and street fight and stuff like that where you get those elements in your product. I don’t think Hunter’s philosophy is that 24/7 kind of Hardcore title. It’s a secondary and kind of made up and I just don’t think he sees value in it. I don’t know that I do either because it was a little more blood and guts back then. What we were fighting for real, half of us were (he laughs). It was violent, but it was fun too. So I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s a place for it anymore.

The 24/7 Championship gave way to some memorable moments over the years. R-Truth holds the record for most title wins with 54. The Championship was first held by Titus O’Neil, who held the belt for less than day before dropping it to Robert Roode. Of course, the title was defunct after Nikki Cross won it from Dana Brooke and then trashed it.


WWE has seen many championships come and go. While the 24/7 title contributed towards some fun moments on WWE television, many fans probably won’t miss the title if it’s retired. Keep an eye on Ringside News for more.

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