Sami Zayn is perhaps the hottest act going on WWE television programming. Zayn’s impressive character work as ‘The Honorary Uce’ of the Bloodline faction has made him highly popular among fans than ever. Sami recently revealed an interesting story involving his former rival Johnny Knoxville that happened during their WrestleMania encounter.

Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville were embroiled in a heated rivalry leading to high-profile match at WrestleMania 38 earlier this year. The match came to fruition after Sami faced various situations such as being kicked out of a red-carpet premiere and his phone number being leaked to the public, courtesy of Knoxville.

The Honorary Uce and the Jackass Forever star faced off each other at the Show of Shows in an Anything Goes match. Sami Zayn recently revealed that Johnny Knoxville’s quickness saved the match finish when the giant mousetrap present in the ring malfunctioned during the match, during an interview with Metro.

“‘If there’s anything you’re gonna give him a lot of credit for, it’s saving that finish. Even a very seasoned performer – if that had even gone on one or two seconds longer, it would’ve killed the whole finish and killed the whole match.”


Sami Zayn further explained that Knoxville was being real throughout the match, a non-wrestler trying to sneak a victory, and was appreciated by the fans for that.

“The distinction in this one was clear. This guy is a non-wrestler, a non-athlete, and has tricks up his sleeve. Some credit to him – reluctantly – is due because he didn’t try to get in there and get out of his comfort zone too much in a way that he just wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

The match finish saw Johnny Knoxville and his allies trapping Sami Zayn in the big mousetrap and pinning Zayn for the big win at WrestleMania in his first-ever wrestling match. It wasn’t the best execution, but Johnny Knoxville is a seasoned performer outside the ring, so he was able to pull it off.

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