Booker T is among the most respected wrestling legends in the business. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer was a highly popular star back in his heyday. However, one of his signatures was the famous “Spinaroonie.” Recently, he disclosed that his most popular signature move almost got him fired from the company.

There is no denying that Booker T’s name is synonymous with his “Spinaroonie.” The move had got him over with the WWE Universe instantly. It is shocking to learn that WWE had initially instructed him to not perform the move upon his WWE arrival. Booker T revealed it himself during the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast.

“When I came from WCW to WWF, the first thing they tell, one of the agents told me not to do was, ‘don’t shake anybody’s hand or give anybody a high five on the way to the ring. Go straight to the ring and get in the ring and don’t even acknowledge.’ That’s what I was told. As well as, ‘don’t do the Spinaroonie.’ That’s what I was told. Those two things I was told.”

Booker T realized the importance of the Spinaroonie for his character and ignored the management’s instructions. Believing that he might get fired in the next six months, the 5-time WCW champion took the matter to Vince McMahon.


“I knew I wasn’t gonna get over that way all right. I knew I was gonna be fired within about six months just like all the rest of the WCW guys. So, I went into Vince McMahon’s office (…) He goes, ‘yeah, Book, come on in.’ I said, ‘Vince, I got this agent telling me to do this. I got that agent telling me not to do this. And I got this agent telling me to don’t do either one of those.’ Okay, I say, ‘I know I’m gonna get fired that way.’ I say, ‘so, if you don’t mind, letting me go out and do it my way and if you don’t like it just fire me.’ And he goes, ‘do your stuff.”

Booker T is among the few WWE Legends to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice. He was inducted as a singles competitor in 2013 and later as a part of Harlem Heat in 2019. Obviously, his spinaroonie will live on aside him in pro wrestling history.

Do you think Booker T’s Spinaroonie was a major contributor to his success? Sound off in the comments!

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