The Rock has achieved unmatched success as both an actor and professional wrestler. Family is unquestionably one of the many aspects in The Rock’s life for which he is well-known. The Rock recently shared a video of him helping his daughter assemble a toy set as part of his ongoing effort to show fans how much he genuinely cares about them.

The Brahma Bull is, without a doubt, one of the most adored public figures in the world right now because of, among other things, his compassion. This is particularly true because The Rock often shows his softer side through social media.

The Rock is larger than life, which is mostly due to his stint in WWE. Even yet, when he’s not busy making movies, the Brahma Bull keeps himself busy with a variety of pursuits. He frequently uploads adorable videos featuring his daughters, and this time he got into the holiday spirit post Christmas.

The Rock took to his Instagram and uploaded a video of himself building a Lego set with his daughter. He admitted in the caption that it had some difficulties on the project, but he’s dealing with it.


It’s Christmas so I’m gonna keep it 💯

I’m an intellectual giant 🧠 the founder and builder of successful businesses with my own two hands ✋🏾🤚🏾 and overall one big, bad ass MF who disrupts the world 🌍

I’m also an 18 karat f*cking idiot when it comes to being able to build a @lego toy set for my 4 year old baby girl, Tiana Gia 😂🙋🏽‍♂️

Literally 40 minutes in and I’m already saying, “Baby daddy’s gonna go make you some French Toast with all the whipped cream and syrup you want… doesn’t that sound AMAZING?!!!” 🤣

How bout the finger pointing I’m doing to the instruction manual and random Lego pieces as I plot my PLAN B ☝🏾😂

Merry Christmas, my friends!


The Rock’s fans adore the wholesome videos he shares on social media. The Rock also assisted a struggling family right before Christmas. We’ll just have to wait and see what else The Rock has in store for his followers.

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