WWE superstars are known to travel 300+ days on the road for performing in front of the WWE Universe in different states and cities. This tends to them spending much time and somewhat developing attractions for each other. However, former WWE superstar Rene Dupree has refused to disclose if he was attracted to any females back in the day.

Rene Dupree signed with WWE back in 2002 when he was only 18 years old. He had a good run in the company, winning both World and WWE Tag Team Championships. Dupree spent five years as an active in-ring competitor in WWE before requesting for his release and leaving the company in 2007.

The former WWE Tag Team champion was surrounded by several divas back in the day. He recently spoke about WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, not finding her attractive without makeup, and also shared opinions about other divas on the latest episode of his Cafe de Rene podcast.

“All of them. Nah. No, but I will say this. It’s like after working there, I get to know like, well I’ve been married now for years, but like if I were to be single, just the physical attraction that don’t mean sh*t. That might get my attention but I gotta get to know the personality, you know what I mean. Yeah, it’s nice to look at and stuff but, you know, personality and f**king brains that’s attractive. A woman who’s f**king intelligent, you know, for me, the one, yeah,” he explained.”


Rene Dupree was also asked about having an attraction for his boss, Stephanie McMahon. He was taken aback for a second before refusing to comment on it.

“No comments. Roll on. Roll on,” “No comments. Roll on. Roll on.” 

Rene Dupree went on to wrestle for various promotions on the independent circuit following his departure from WWE. He currently performs for Pro Wrestling Noah, being a former 2-time GHC Tag Team champion.

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