Tony Khan has real love and passion for the professional wrestling business. He has accomplished a lot already, but not all of it has been positively accepted by AEW fans. Tony Khan, though, is still focused on revolutionizing his company.

Tony Khan recently chatted with Grapsody for recent interview that airs live on Monday at 12:00 ET. The hosts mentioned how the notorious Fingerpoke of Doom, involving Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash on the January 4th, 1999 episode of WCW Monday Nitro, and a question was asked whether it will be celebrated on January 4th this year.

If you remember, as a result of Hogan’s chest poke, Nash threw himself to the mat, allowing Hogan to pin him and win the WCW World Heavyweight Title. The angle also served to reconcile the nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpac factions. On the January 4th Dynamite from Seattle, Khan reportedly refused to confirm that he would not perform a Fingerpoke of Doom in AEW, but this was supposedly only a joke.

Given that both AEW and WCW broadcast on TBS/TNT and that individuals like Sting, Tony Schiavone, and others have worked for both organizations, Khan claimed that the two organizations frequently receive comparisons. However, Khan clarified that AEW and WCW are totally different businesses. They will also not share the same fate.


Khan noted that since AEW is not owned by a media entity, their demise would not be a concern similar to that of WCW. Khan reaffirmed that he is not leaving.

Surely, fans of professional wrestling can rest easy after hearing his remarks. We’ll just have to see how AEW continues in 2023 and beyond. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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