Nikkita Lyons is emerging as one of the fastest-rising stars in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. She is famous for her flexibility, looks, and impressive wrestling skills. However, some fans still decide to take shots at her for not showing her fitness regime on social media, and the Lyoness chose to respond.

Nikkita Lyons was involved in Taekwondo at the age of 4 and earned a black belt at 8. She continued on this path and eventually entered her pro wrestling training in 2018, debuting for the Women of Wrestling promotion. She had a successful stint there, which caught the eye of WWE, who signed Nikkita Lyons to a contract in 2021.

Nikkita Lyons has proved her worth to the higher-ups with her entire personality that has captivated the WWE Universe to a great extent. However, certain fans take shots at her for not posting workout videos. The comments caught the attention of Nikkita Lyons, who fired back at them on Twitter.

“Just because someone doesn’t post themselves training, in the gym, building their business, etc all the time, doesn’t mean the work isn’t being put in… it’s called working in silence 🤫 not every move has to be blurted out.”


Nikkita Lyons was credited for her partnership with Zoey Stark, however, the duo failed to capture the NXT Women’s Tag Team championships in November 2022. This led to Stark snapping and leading an assault on Lyons, effectively ending their partnership.

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