WWE is known to have some of the best in-ring competitors and executive teams working behind the scenes to produce the best product for the WWE Universe every week. However, some unfortunate incidents lead to those members getting released and that’s the same that happened with Jimmy Jacobs, whose deliberate actions led to him being fired.

Jimmy Jacobs worked as a member of the WWE creative team. His last working day came on the day when Monday Night RAW saw an invasion by then-independent stars, The Young Bucks and the Elite in 2017. The brothers showed up outside the venue of RAW to shoot some content, and it was quite a scene.

Jimmy Jacobs went outside to snap a photo with The Elite, and he decided to post it, seemingly knowing that it would land him in hot water. Nevertheless, Jacobs decided to go ahead with the photo and later on was summoned by top WWE brass to discuss the photo-op. He detailed the incident recently during an appearance on The Insider Podcast.

“I knew it wasn’t gonna be received well, that’s for sure. I was in the arena and I think Kevin Owens texted me, ‘Hey are The Bucks there? Are they there?’ And I hadn’t heard anything about it from inside the arena. He goes ‘Yeah, I think they’re outside. I think they’re shooting something.’ So I went out there, and it’s like ‘Holy crap, The Bucks are here,’ and I just saw them, we exchanged pleasantries, and just as I was getting ready to leave I said ‘Hey guys, let’s take a picture,’ and I took a picture, never intending to post it. I was in gorilla position during segment 3 or 4 and I just go ‘screw it’ and I just post it. I knew there was a chance people wouldn’t like it. I didn’t care.


I look back at it and I really see it almost like a child acting out. I wanted to get in trouble and them be like ‘well he’s good at his job, so let’s keep him around.’ I wanted to just expand my wings. I wanted to go [exasperated sigh] ‘let me just be how I am, however weird that is,’ so I took the picture. 25 minutes later, Michael Hayes, Road Dogg, Dave Kapoor (fka Ranjin Singh) come to the room. They kick everybody else out. Dave’s like ‘why am I seeing this?’ I’m like ‘yeah well I wasn’t thinking.’ Hunter’s pissed about it. … He wasn’t happy about it but he was cool about it. Hunter’s a reasonable guy. Hunter’s a smart guy too. It was Hunter’s vision that saw independent wrestlers could be successful and really started to target them. Hunter’s a smart guy and he’s a reasonable guy but he was upset about this. So I talked to him, he seemed fine with it.”

Jimmy Jacobs further stated that he went to the HR office the next day and was fired after his meeting, calling it a relief.

“I remember going ‘if I make it through today I’ll be fine.’ Then first thing in the morning, an administrative assistant comes to me and is like ‘yeah, can you come meet Dave in HR office.’ I remember being by the elevator and thinking ‘this is it, this is the day I’m getting fired from WWE.’ Like what a day! ‘What an exciting, noteworthy day today is.’ Not every day is like that. So yeah, they fired me. It was mostly a relief.” 

Jimmy Jacobs’s statement indicates that he deliberately got into trouble to be released from WWE in 2017, maybe due to not being happy with his role in the company.


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Nikunj Walia

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