Mandy Rose was released from WWE, and this news shocked her fans. Due to the material she posted on her premium content paywall account, the former NXT Women’s Champion was dropped. Rose’s abrupt departure from the WWE has surely taken a lot of people by surprise, and Shawn Michaels didn’t like laying the hammer down.

As we reported extensively over the past few days, Mandy Rose was dismissed from her contract by WWE when company management learned that she was publishing pornographic material on the FanTime website. In response to the most recent WWE release, Ric Flair said that Shawn Michaels, the head of NXT, would not have appreciated letting Mandy Rose go after her sterling performance for the company.

Shawn Michaels reportedly learned of Mandy Rose’s FanTime account through Matt Bloom, and despite being one of the roster’s most improved talents, she was fired right after. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair have a very strong personal relationship, and Ric Flair is certain that HBK would not have approved of the public release of The Golden Goddess.

Shawn Michaels is WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative. Ric Flair is aware that his former on-screen rival’s employment necessitates a few difficult choices, which he would want to avoid. Flair revealed on his To Be The Man podcast,


“I’m sure that Shawn didn’t like having to fire her. I mean, that’s not the kind of guy [he is], I’m sure; Shawn didn’t like walking up to her, saying, ‘Hey, Mandy, you’re out of here.’ That had to be a hard job for him to do. But Shawn’s got a job to do. So, everybody answers to somebody.” 

It should be noted that WWE isn’t completely ruling out the prospect of Mandy Rose making a comeback in the future. In fact, Mandy Rose is a potential signing for Impact Wrestling. We’ll have to wait and see what the former Toxic Attraction leader’s future holds. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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