It’s been quite a rough couple of months for former Spanish WWE presenter Quetzalli Bulnes. After the shocking incident where she offered an unplanned spot to a YouTuber friend at a Live Event in Mexico, she was soon axed from the company. The incident landed the former host of WWE Ahora in hot water. Quetzalli Bulnes recently addressed the incident that led to her WWE release.

On December 1st, 2022, Quetzalli Bulnes confirmed that she was fired from WWE. The news followed a 4-year agreement with the company as a host on the Spanish side of WWE’s social media team, hosting the shows “El Brunch” and “WWE Ahora.” Prior to her WWE release, Bulnes was involved in a situation between her, the arena’s security staff, and Spanish Wrestling Content Creator Falbak on October 30th, 2022.

The incident happened at the CDMX House Show in Mexico City, Mexico. Bulnes said in a subsequent interview with Michael Torres of Lucha Libre Online that miscommunication from the event was the cause of her discharge, expressing regret for the incident.

At the end of the day, they were four wonderful years with wonderful experiences. Regarding the reason for my exit, I want to say it like this: It was a case of bad understanding and bad communication between myself and other parts of Mexico. We know all the alignments in the United States and they are extremely professional & they have everything extremely structured, but I wanted to bring input to it. It all started with me meeting Falbak (Wrestling Content Creator on Twitch & YouTube from Spain) and when I met him, I do have to emphasize that he has a lot of talent that is so young and so focused on what he wants, it’s honestly surprising & admirable. I wish nothing but the best wishes on all of his future endeavors & his career in general.


The support he had in this situation is different from what I had. That said, he is much younger than me, there was never any intimate relationship between me & because he is too young, but it was a friendship that we had at the time. During this whole “Quetzalbak” thing the community created, I was surprised when I was in Arena Monterrey and was in awe with how the crowd was enthusiastic about the hype. It was an idea that came to my head, a flower that blossomed, and from there came a series of ideas from a series of elements.

The execution was because of a lack of communication from all angles. That some have already taken their part of the blame, like Falbak, is not my thing and it does not concern me. It was a good idea to me for the community to see him say “Hey look, here’s a rose!”. They told me backstage to say Falbak’s name in the ring. A lot of it was out of my hands and it was a series of bad understandings and the alignments were not respected, and I understand that completely.

These actions have these types of repercussions. Had I known what would have happened afterward, I would not have done it whatsoever due to the unfortunate situation, but it is not up to me to judge who is to blame and who isn’t because that is not my position. I am just here to talk about what I experienced and how I am doing at this time.

Basically, this was the scene that was lived and, I say this from the bottom of my heart, it hurts me a lot because what started as a small idea devolved into this huge thing and I have nothing else to do but to learn from my mistakes, to continue my path & be thankful because, and no one can deny it, it is the biggest company in all of Wrestling and it was an honor being in the company. It was incredible the quality of the people I worked with in the United States. It was a dream, but you have to wake up from dreams too, so that’s the situation.

Bulnes has subsequently been performing promotional work for the Mexican CBD brand Terragia, where she first revealed her WWE release. Ringside News will provide more information on her departure as it becomes available. You can watch the full interview below.

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