Matt Riddle was kicked off the WWE television roster after failing second drug test. They wrote a storyline injury, but reports are he popped dirty for his second Wellness Policy test. Riddle seems to be having a lot of problems in his personal life as well. A picture of the former WWE United States Champion kissing adult film actor Misha Montana, who is supposed to be her girlfriend, recently went viral on social media. It seems the two of them are not exclusive.

Jordan Maxx, another adult performer, apparently found the picture offensive and tweeted that Riddle was cheating on her. Jordan Maxx claimed in a series of tweets that she had been seeing the RAW superstar for the last six months and that Riddle had proclaimed his love for her two months prior.

After considerable speculation, Montana silenced her detractors on Twitter. She put an end to all rumors by issuing a statement of her own. In response to our earlier article, Montana stressed that Riddle did not cheat because he was not in a committed relationship.

“How do you cheat on someone when you’re not in a committed relationship with them?”


This comes about after Matt’s ex-girlfriend made public accusations of sexual abuse. Daniella Petrow claimed that Matt Riddle had sexually assaulted her in a series of videos that she shared on social media. It appears that Riddle is having a lot of problems in his personal life.

Daniella Petrow also expressed sympathy for Jordan Maxx, who alleged that Riddle had cheated on her with Misha Montana. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more. Meanwhile, you can check out Misha’s tweet below.

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